Monday, November 25, 2013

Baptism Day in Elko

Still in Elko

To all the rascals out there...

So this past week was pretty short! It flew by so dang fast! On Monday, we taught our 11 yr. old investigator and his family about prophets. Tod is really into football, so we tried to relate the gospel as best we could to football. It was not an easy thing my friends! We've been teaching him for a few weeks now and we aren't sure how much of what we teach he actually remembers. When we do go over to teach him, it is usually around 7:30 pm after he has had a long day of school and had football practice, so he is pretty beat! Thank goodness football is over after this weekend, so hopefully he will not want to fall asleep when we are teaching him.

Tuesday, what happened on Tuesday... my memory is seriously the worst. Oh yeah, Tuesday was awesome!!! I truly felt like I was fulfilling my purpose as a missionary! We were talking to people on the street, inviting them to the Creche and we saw a whole bunch of less actives who we invited to our weekly discussions on a gospel subject. It was just an awesome day! I haven't felt that motivated to do missionary work for most of this transfer! So it was just awesome.

Friday, we had another sister with us, Sister Flores. Her companion had to go home unexpectedly this transfer for surgery so she got to spend the day with us! It was a lot of fun, and as it turns out, she will actually be my new companion for the "Holiday" transfer! I am excited. She is a little quiet, but she has a powerful testimony so we should do some good things in the next 6 weeks! So we got the call Saturday night and I thought that I had been here long enough that I would be the one headed out, but apparently I thought wrong! I am staying in Elko in the 3rd ward for another month or so! I am freaking out! I love this ward so much and it is kind of hard to imagine serving anywhere else, because this is all I've known! I am happy to be spending the holidays with people I know and love!! Yipee! Speaking of the Holidays, I found out that we are really not all that crazy for how we celebrate Christmas!!! There is a family in our ward, the Harris' and guess what one of their Christmas traditions is?!?! They get up around 5 in the morning to open presents! Who does that? Haha. They actually invited us missionaries over to spend the day with them! I get to celebrate Christmas like we do at home! I am seriously so so so so so EXCITED!

On Sunday, another miracle happened! We were visiting with some less active members, and they invited us over for dinner this coming Saturday! We are pumped! That must mean they like us or something! I hope and pray that they will come back to the Lord's fold here in Elko because the ward and the Lord need them so much!

The best day of all this week had to be Wednesday! One of my favorite members of the ward gave us a referral awhile back for her cousin, and we have been visiting her off and on for a few months now. Well needless to say, the woman is 83 yrs. old and staunch in her religion. I felt super impressed to share my testimony with her. Thank goodness I did, because afterwards she shared her own simple and short testimony with us. She told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true. She said that nobody could have made it up. After her testimony, she told us that no matter what she was going to remain a member of her faith. It broke my heart that she recognizes the truth, but won't act. It also gave me so much hope though! I am excited to continue seeing her and help build her faith and her understanding of Christ's church. I can't wait to see her progress. Moral of the story, nobody is too old to change!
Well not much else to report about here!! I love you all this much............................and hope you enjoy your Turkey Day!!
Sister Fish