Monday, September 29, 2014

Liver and Onions and Stuff

Well hello there! 

Well the weeks here are kind of slow going! We are having a hard time finding people here which is funny because we have a huge long list of people we need to contact but no one is ever home! So it's been loads of fun!! :) It really has there is no sarcasm there.
I did try liver and onions this week. Yeah... not my favorite meal ever. Liver tastes super super gross.

It has been raining all weekend long! I am so happy! And there is a chill in the air. Everyone, fall is here! Buya!
I have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and seriously there is so much in it that I didn't notice before! I have learned so much! I truly do know that it is the word of God. He loves all of His children so much that He gave them another witness that Jesus is the Christ. I will always be so grateful for that!
I loved the General Women's broadcast this past weekend! I am so grateful for the temples! They are the house of the Lord where we can make promises with God and receive so many wonderful blessings! I really felt like President Uchtdorf was really talking to me!

Have you guys heard about the movie, Meet the Mormons. It is all about how average people live their lives as Mormons. You should find it in a theater near you go to maybe invite friends or family to go see it with you to! Great missionary opportunity.. hint hint!
Well I love you all so so so much!! More than a hundred buckets of rain!
Have a great week!
      Sister Fish

Back in Black... Or in Carlin

Hey everybody!!!
So things have taken a dramatic turn here in the Nevada Reno Mission.... I am back in the East!! (Dun, Dun, Dun). Who would've thought that I would be on the East side of the mission again! I seriously thought that I would never see Elko again until after my mission, but here I am. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways!! I am in the small town of Carlin, it is just like 20 miles outside of Elko. The area we cover is huge too!! We cover a place like 40+ miles away. The area we are in was closed for 12 weeks and so my companion and I opened it back up again. It is kind of like we are starting from scratch, but with a little more guidance than just a blank piece of paper.

The ward here is incredible!! We live with Brother and Sister Knight. They are awesome and just take such good care of us!! The members are so strong here, the ones who are active in the faith that is. There are a lot of people who are not presently participating! Hopefully that changes soon!!
So last week was crazy! Monday night we had the sisters from Winnemucca stay with us because one of them was headed home. So we dropped her off at the mission office Tuesday morning and then we spent the rest of Tuesday in a trio! It was fun! We had a great lesson with Pat. I think he really felt the spirit. We are trying to make sure that his lessons are just really spiritual experiences so he can't deny that he is feeling God's love for him and that what we are telling him is truth.
Tuesday evening, we had transfer meeting. We got to see all the new missionaries get paired up with their first in-field companion. Then President and Sister Hermansen spoke to us! It was a truly wonderful meeting! Five missionaries stayed in our apartment Tuesday night! 3 of us were on the floor in sleeping bags! That is just mission life for ya!
Wednesday morning, Sister Irwin, Sister Rogers, and I went over to the mission office with all of our stuff, in our new Chevy Colorado!  (That is what we drove here to Carlin and now drive in Carlin). So we caravan-ed behind the transfer van and trailer all the way to Elko, all day Wednesday!! It was crazy! I drove, but I hadn't been sleeping at all last weekend!! But we made it safely!!
The rest of the week, Sister Rogers and I were figuring out our new area and getting organized!! We were even able to meet with a few people! I am so excited to be serving here!! To give you an idea of just how small our ward is, there were only 7 women in Relief Society on Sunday! I just went from a super huge ward to a really small one! Kind of weird!
I love and miss you all! Hope you have a great week!! 
            Sister Messervy

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sorry it's Short...I already know it!!

So I am getting transferred!! No more Highland Ranch ward for me. So sad!! I am going to miss so many people here!! Crazy!! 

Guess where I am headed though... haha!! I will be in the Elko zone once again!! But I am actually serving in a town called Carlin. We are getting Double transferred in (pink washing an area!) My new comp will be Sister Rogers. I've heard good things so I am excited. And I'm excited to go back to the East!! 

Sorry it is short. There is so much to do. Lots of packing and I am just a bundle of stress!! 

Thank you all for your love and support! Love and miss you lots!! 

Sister Fish

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I can't remember how the rest of that song goes... is it even the word rolling? Oh well, who knows!!

So this week was pretty dang slow! Not a whole lot to report on because not a whole lot happened! 

We had a really great lesson with Dee on Tuesday about how baptism is essential and so necessary to our salvation! We also saw Pat and we were so sure that he'd make his baptismal date, but we have to push it back again! At least this time he is actually making progress. Slow progress, but still, progress is progress! 

For dinner Tuesday night, we had dinner with the women and young women of the ward. They had a summer salad social that we were invited to. It was a lot of fun and the salads were so yummy!!  

Thursday night, we did family history at a member's home with a recent convert family! Family history is the coolest thing. I think when I get home, I might become an indexing addict, but we'll just have to wait and see! It is so much fun to search for ancestors and link generations. It was really exciting to watch this family enjoy it as well and to see the success they had in growing their family tree!! 

So we have actually been talking with the maintenance man of the apartment complex we live. It has been super fun to talk with him and to slowly share the gospel with him. He is a riot too!! Remember that there are always people around you to share the gospel with!!!

Well not much else to write, so I better quit!! Sorry it's a short one this week! I do get a call on Sunday to hear if I'll be staying or going! So I'll let you know next week when I know!!

Love you all more than a hungry bear loves salmon!!
                        Sister Fish

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day...Already?!?!

GAH! Can you believe that it is September already! That is seriously so crazy! Even the leaves here are showing signs of fall! It is coming quick I tell ya! I hope it comes fast because I can't wait to wear cardigans!! I love layering! It is probably one of my favorite things! (Thanks for letting me ramble off for a minute about how much I love fall!) 
Well.. what to say, what to say... This week was pretty good! On Monday we did that usual p-day thing and met up with other missionaries! Then we had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family. From there, we went and did family home evening with a part member family. We talked all about the restoration. How Christ established his church, how after he was crucified, the authority to act in His name was taking from the Earth, and then finally, how the church was restored through Joseph Smith! We even taught all of that, using visuals of a piece of paper, and cups! Pretty cool! 
Dee is my favorite! She is just the neatest lady! She is all about gardening and being thrifty and frugal! She also doesn't sugar coat a thing and just tells it how it is! We were finally able to teach her about the restoration as well in a member's home! Sister C bore a powerful testimony about why baptism is essential, and now Dee wants to know why! 
Shawn and Pat crack me up! We met with them at the Aland's home and taught about Christlike attributes! After we went running with Pat. We are trying to help him replace his smoking and drinking addiction with other things! So, tonight we went running! It was pretty funny! I think Pat wanted to cus us out the whole time, but he seemed to enjoy it too! He was laughing and talking most of the time :) 
Wednesday was a great day too! We read through the introduction to the Book of Mormon and a few chapters in it with J. Seriously, the Book of Mormon has become my favorite book as I read and study from it each and everyday! I love the stories in it and I love how applicable they are to my life! Sooo relatable even though these people in it lived like, what, hundreds of years ago! Make time to study from the scriptures! It helps your day go so much better if you've read the word of God.
We also had lunch with an investigator who we haven't seen in forever! Which was great! We were able to answer some of her questions and chat with her some more!
Of course, we saw Pat again with Bro Fritter. We talked about the Doctrine of Christ! It was a pretty good discussion! On Saturday, Pat was able to attend another baptism. As he talked to some of the other missionaries there, he admitted that there is no place for sin in God's kingdom! WOHOO! He admitted it and even out loud!! Yea! I hope he remembers that because it will really help him as he works to overcome some of his struggles!
Zone conference was on Friday! I love zone conference, but at the same time, I don't love being reminded just how much I still need to work on as a missionary and as a person!  But there will always be something to work on and perfect.. what's a girl to do? 
We were able to see Destiny and her family and it was a really good time! We read through some of the Book of Mormon with them and even had some dessert! "When Mormon's meet, Mormon's eat!" has never been truer since I've come on a mission!!
We had a really great week and lots is happening!!!! I am so grateful to be in the service of my God and your's! I am grateful for the Atonement! I know that it is infinite and because of that sacrifice, we have the power once again on earth to bind families for eternity. Through the priesthood power, there is no till death do you part, there is only eternity! I love you all so much! Thanks for all the love and support!
             SIster Fish
 P.S. Look up the talk by Jefferey R. Holland "Missionary Work and the Atonement" because it applies to you as member missionaries!