Monday, September 29, 2014

Liver and Onions and Stuff

Well hello there! 

Well the weeks here are kind of slow going! We are having a hard time finding people here which is funny because we have a huge long list of people we need to contact but no one is ever home! So it's been loads of fun!! :) It really has there is no sarcasm there.
I did try liver and onions this week. Yeah... not my favorite meal ever. Liver tastes super super gross.

It has been raining all weekend long! I am so happy! And there is a chill in the air. Everyone, fall is here! Buya!
I have been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and seriously there is so much in it that I didn't notice before! I have learned so much! I truly do know that it is the word of God. He loves all of His children so much that He gave them another witness that Jesus is the Christ. I will always be so grateful for that!
I loved the General Women's broadcast this past weekend! I am so grateful for the temples! They are the house of the Lord where we can make promises with God and receive so many wonderful blessings! I really felt like President Uchtdorf was really talking to me!

Have you guys heard about the movie, Meet the Mormons. It is all about how average people live their lives as Mormons. You should find it in a theater near you go to maybe invite friends or family to go see it with you to! Great missionary opportunity.. hint hint!
Well I love you all so so so much!! More than a hundred buckets of rain!
Have a great week!
      Sister Fish

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