Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I can't remember how the rest of that song goes... is it even the word rolling? Oh well, who knows!!

So this week was pretty dang slow! Not a whole lot to report on because not a whole lot happened! 

We had a really great lesson with Dee on Tuesday about how baptism is essential and so necessary to our salvation! We also saw Pat and we were so sure that he'd make his baptismal date, but we have to push it back again! At least this time he is actually making progress. Slow progress, but still, progress is progress! 

For dinner Tuesday night, we had dinner with the women and young women of the ward. They had a summer salad social that we were invited to. It was a lot of fun and the salads were so yummy!!  

Thursday night, we did family history at a member's home with a recent convert family! Family history is the coolest thing. I think when I get home, I might become an indexing addict, but we'll just have to wait and see! It is so much fun to search for ancestors and link generations. It was really exciting to watch this family enjoy it as well and to see the success they had in growing their family tree!! 

So we have actually been talking with the maintenance man of the apartment complex we live. It has been super fun to talk with him and to slowly share the gospel with him. He is a riot too!! Remember that there are always people around you to share the gospel with!!!

Well not much else to write, so I better quit!! Sorry it's a short one this week! I do get a call on Sunday to hear if I'll be staying or going! So I'll let you know next week when I know!!

Love you all more than a hungry bear loves salmon!!
                        Sister Fish

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