Monday, September 29, 2014

Back in Black... Or in Carlin

Hey everybody!!!
So things have taken a dramatic turn here in the Nevada Reno Mission.... I am back in the East!! (Dun, Dun, Dun). Who would've thought that I would be on the East side of the mission again! I seriously thought that I would never see Elko again until after my mission, but here I am. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways!! I am in the small town of Carlin, it is just like 20 miles outside of Elko. The area we cover is huge too!! We cover a place like 40+ miles away. The area we are in was closed for 12 weeks and so my companion and I opened it back up again. It is kind of like we are starting from scratch, but with a little more guidance than just a blank piece of paper.

The ward here is incredible!! We live with Brother and Sister Knight. They are awesome and just take such good care of us!! The members are so strong here, the ones who are active in the faith that is. There are a lot of people who are not presently participating! Hopefully that changes soon!!
So last week was crazy! Monday night we had the sisters from Winnemucca stay with us because one of them was headed home. So we dropped her off at the mission office Tuesday morning and then we spent the rest of Tuesday in a trio! It was fun! We had a great lesson with Pat. I think he really felt the spirit. We are trying to make sure that his lessons are just really spiritual experiences so he can't deny that he is feeling God's love for him and that what we are telling him is truth.
Tuesday evening, we had transfer meeting. We got to see all the new missionaries get paired up with their first in-field companion. Then President and Sister Hermansen spoke to us! It was a truly wonderful meeting! Five missionaries stayed in our apartment Tuesday night! 3 of us were on the floor in sleeping bags! That is just mission life for ya!
Wednesday morning, Sister Irwin, Sister Rogers, and I went over to the mission office with all of our stuff, in our new Chevy Colorado!  (That is what we drove here to Carlin and now drive in Carlin). So we caravan-ed behind the transfer van and trailer all the way to Elko, all day Wednesday!! It was crazy! I drove, but I hadn't been sleeping at all last weekend!! But we made it safely!!
The rest of the week, Sister Rogers and I were figuring out our new area and getting organized!! We were even able to meet with a few people! I am so excited to be serving here!! To give you an idea of just how small our ward is, there were only 7 women in Relief Society on Sunday! I just went from a super huge ward to a really small one! Kind of weird!
I love and miss you all! Hope you have a great week!! 
            Sister Messervy

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