Monday, August 25, 2014

Slow Week

This week was kind of a slow one! I don't know why, but not a whole lot happened! So sorry for the short letter!!
We were able to see Pat this week! We talked to him more about the Book of Mormon and how it answers questions of the soul. We read through Helaman chapter 5 with him and there was a verse about peace that really touched him. You could see how the spirit behind the verse affected him. 
I heard from Juan this week!! He is a recent convert who just left on his mission! Now he is officially in his mission as of today!! It sounds like he loved the MTC. He was actually a district leader while he was there! He is going to do great!
J seriously kills me! She is the funniest old lady on the planet! She is just so spunky! We talked to her about the apostasy. She had heard it all before and she told us that she has been praying about whether or not Joseph Smith was a Prophet for a really long time, but hasn't felt like she's received an answer yet. We plan on reading the Book of Mormon with her, because it is through reading it that you come to know whether or not he was a Prophet. Because now 17 year old boy with a fourth grade level education could have written it without the power of God. So I'll keep you posted on what happens there!!
We were also able to get in touch with a family who we haven't seen in forever. They are going through a rough patch, but are turning completely to the Lord to help them go through it! It is wonderful to see them at church and really ready to move forward in the gospel! 
Exchanges was good! I learned a lot from Sister Rae!! She is awesome!! 
Lauren's birthday was on saturday, she got a quad for her birthday and is so happy to have all the scriptures in one!!  We of course gave her a picture of her two favorite Sister Missionaries!! 
Well, I don't know what else to say!! Not a whole lot going on! I love and miss you all like mucho mucho mucho!!!
                    Sister Fish


Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School

School started this week in good ole' Nevada. I feel like school just keeps starting earlier and earlier every stinkin' year. So everyone who is going back to school, I want to wish you a happy year of learning. :)

This week was awesome!! We found two new investigators. One is a man in his 60s. He recently had a stroke so is now in the local nursing home, Manor Care. We were able to leave him with a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. We will be going back to read the Book of Mormon with him and teach the discussions. Our second investigator is R. She was referred to us by a less active member in the Eagle Canyon Ward. R has been going through a rough divorce and already has such great faith in the Lord. She is Christian, but hasn't been attending a church around here. She is currently looking for one and we were able to show up at just the right time! She has been so prepared. R was very receptive to all we had to say and she is planning on reading the Book of Mormon! We are excited to see what happens as we go back and visit. 

Pat is continuing to progress. Sunday morning, he called us before church to let us know that he'd be there! He also called us this morning to confirm that we'd be meeting with him this week! It is exciting to see that he is contacting us before we are contacting him. That is huge!!! 

Rita was able to share her testimony at a fireside yesterday evening. She was telling us just the other day how she feels that she needs to share her conversion more so she can keep the fire of her testimony alive. She has one powerful testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ too! Her son Cameron blessed the sacrament for the first time on Sunday! He did so well! Their family is doing amazing and are continuing to progress in the gospel.

We are starting to work with Sister H's mom Janice. Janice is a hoot and a half. She has a lot of spunk and just recently lost a sister. The Bishop went over to talk with her and provide comfort during her time of loss. She told him that if it weren't for her smoking habit, she would be a mormon. So we are starting to build that relationship with her and build her faith so that she will have a desire to quit smoking and be baptized. Janice was a church on Sunday and she really enjoyed the service! 

I just have this strong feeling that we can see a miracle this transfer. That someone in our area is prepared for baptism. I don't know if we know them or not, but I know that someone is ready to receive the gospel with their whole heart. I know that as we strive to be diligent and exactly obedient, we will find them!

It's crazy how time is flying by and everyone is growing up! I am so grateful to have this time to be a missionary in the Lord's service, on His errand! 

I love each of you so much and hope you have an awesome week!!

           Sister Fish

Monday, August 4, 2014


So... last week was the end of the transfer and I know you all are wondering and waiting, like you do for the next episode of your favorite soap opera, for what is happening with me, my companion, and the area. I'll end the wait now by letting you know that Sister Knight and I are staying together and we will be in Highland Ranch ward for another 6 weeks! We are just switching apartments!!  So my new mailing address is...
           6717 Rolling Meadows Dr. APT 2414
           Sparks, NV 89436
That's pretty much effective immediately! So we move in on Tuesday! That'll be a fun Tuesday!
This week was pretty good! We met a new investigator. This man was working on his boat, and so we just started talking with him. Which lead to us telling him who we are and what we do. We left him with a Book of Mormon and a pamphlet. We have a return appointment to see him this week too!! 
Instead of interviews this transfer, we received a special training from President and Sister Hermansen! It was amazing! It was all about how we can be better dedicated and more consecrated missionaries!! 
We met with Pat a bunch this week! A few of the lessons were rocky because he likes to be contrary to everything. But in the other lessons, he was more humble and you could tell that he was feeling the spirit, especially when we talked to him more about the Atonement. How God sacrificed His son, Jesus Christ, for us! 
Not much else to write about this week! We had a going away party for Elder Jones at Rita's on Sunday! We are all sporting some pretty nice wigs! Love you all to pieces!! 

            Sister Fish
Wig Party!

My district

Me and Knight