Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Slow week... hard week... what week?

Hello everybody!! Geez... I just missed out big time this memorial day weekend! I loved all the pics! Everyone just looks so good and happy! It must've been a fun time, but of course, not as fun as if I had been there. Haha.

This week was a slow one. No one has been home or they just aren't answering their doors. I think some people might be avoiding us. Yay! That makes me feel real good. We seriously knocked on a door this week, heard a bunch of talking, knew they were home, but no one answered. I don't think just the kids were home either, so I don't know what their excuse was. 

We had zone conference on Wednesday. I felt like everything they talked about was just for me! I loved it! The trainings we received were so inspired. All of us can feel that we are on the edge of something big. That miracles are waiting to happen. At the end of the conference, we were told what Elder Teh said is holding our mission back from crossing the threshold into something big. All it is is reverence. If we were more reverent as a mission, we would see more success. How crazy is that? Something so little that is having huge consequences. 

We did find a new investigator this week! Which was awesome! Especially since she was a referral from a member! Hooray! We've already had two set appointments with her. Both of which have been cancelled, but hopefully we will be able to meet with her sometime this week. 

Yesterday was the best Memorial day ever! Thank goodness for tender mercies! So many miracles happened!! It was incredible to receive so many blessings in the span of an hour. After dinner, we headed to a less active member's home. We knocked and knocked. We looked inside and found that the home was deserted, but we saw two people out back moving. Within a few minutes, the people came round front to let us know that nobody was home. The woman stopped and said. You're missionaries, and proceeded to tell us her story of how she had been in contact with missionaries a few years ago. She told us how much the church had helped her to change and to grow. She told us that she was never able to be baptized though. It was an incredible blessing to meet someone who recognizes that she is ready for the gospel at this time. We are sending the referral in and missionaries should be there this week to begin teaching her. Everything happens for a reason!  

As we were talking with Zandra, the homeowner, Brother G walked up and he flashed us the biggest smile as we were chatting away with her. He still has a testimony! There was happiness in his eyes as he saw us doing missionary work. Sad to say, but it caught Sister Sheppard and I off guard, but it was amazing!! We also found out where he had moved to and got in contact with the next door neighbor, Todd, who we've been trying to meet with for the longest time. The little miracles are the best miracles!!

That's pretty much my week in a nutshell. Seriously it was slow week for missionary work! It was a good one though! I hope ya'll are having a fun start to the summer cause it is super hot hear already. I am already sunburnt!! Yep!

We love you all wider than the ocean!
             Sister Fish

Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Reminder that I Still Exist

Hello to one and all....

Sorry I didn't send out a mass email about the week last week. I don't know why, but for some reason last Monday was crazy!! It was sooo good to see you guys via skype on mother's day. I can't believe that I only have one more call home left until I go home! Yikes! Where has the time gone. I still haven't reached perfection as a missionary yet, probably never will, but hey, life goes on.

This last week was pretty great! We met with a few part member families and had some wonderful lessons. We received transfer calls 2 sundays ago and it sounds like Sister Sheppard and I will both be here in Sparks in the Highland Ranch ward for another 6 weeks! We are both super excited!! 

Tuesday we found 2 new investigators and had a lesson with them on Saturday. It was great! They are wonderful women. They are viewing our meetings as a bible study. We are going to compare different doctrines, but it sounds like they are open to change if they find a reason to. Our doctrines are pretty similar though, but also very different, so we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, we met with a recent convert and talked with him about family home evening. He is doing so well and his testimony and faith are continuing to grow. His brother has actually been taking the discussions. We met with the brother on Saturday evening. We were driving around after dinner and felt like we needed to stop by so we did. It is amazing how the Lord prompts us to do such simple little things, but miracles happen as we listen. The brother hasn't been progressing really. He has stopped coming to church and is having a hard time living some of the commandments. We felt like there was some sort of road block, but on Saturday night, he opened up to us about what is holding him back. He hasn't forgiven himself yet for things in his past and so because of that almost doesn't feel like he deserves the ability to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ in his life or is past saving. We'll keep working on him though because Jesus Christ's sacrifice was for everyone no matter what their sins are! We should be meeting with him this week! I'll let ya know how it goes!

Thursday's lesson was probably the best this week! Sister Sheppard and I's inner teachers came out as we prepared a lesson on the Plan of Salvation for a part member family. We did a Plan of Salvation walk through in the house to make it more visual and more interactive for the kids. (We've started to feel like some of the people we are teaching aren't being open and honest with us). D (the mom of the family who was baptized in January) finally opened up to us about some questions she had about prayer. We were able to explain prayer better so she can know how to communicate with Heavenly Father and how to receive answers from him. 

Saturday evening we had dinner with a part member family! They are the best little empty nester's ever. I found Brent's doppelganger!! The husband reminds me of Brent Messervy. They have similar voices and teasing personalities!! Haha! We've all got one somewhere. The wife was able to open up to us about some of her concerns with the church and why she can't believe in the things we believe in. I am seriously so grateful for openness and honesty!! 

Well, that pretty much sums up the week!! Except for, guess who I got to eat dinner with on Sunday??... the Ross' (Brother and Sister Bowden's daughter and family). It was seriously the best!! It was nice to feel a connection to home! I miss you guys lots, but love you MORE!!!

We've also been trying to get the ward more involved in their missionary work. I can remember when Elder Shayne Bowen of the Seventy came and spoke to us when the stake presidency was being reorganized. He said something that I will never forget.. " The members are the full time missionaries because they will be there before and after the missionaries leave." Be constantly aware of those around you who could be blessed from the gospel. Even people you just see in the grocery store. Look for ways to be a missionary... to actually bring up the gospel to someone, to invite them to come closer to Jesus Christ. We are trying to get the members to realize that they made covenants, promises to God to do this. We may be set apart to do this all day every day, but we don't know the area or the people as well as the people who actually live here. So here is my question to you, are you doing your part as a disciple of Jesus Christ? Are you striving to be a missionary? 

Hope all is well! Thanks for constantly updating me about everyone and everything! I love you guys so much and am constantly praying for you!! 
                  Sister Fish 
The first picture is me this week! yay! The 2nd is with 2 of the Ross' kids!! :)

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Transfer Day - February 2014
The Elko Zone - Good Times!  

Monday, May 12, 2014


I am staying here in Sparks in the Highland Ranch ward!!! That's the scoop I got for you! :) 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Week of Transfers already...What?!?!

I can't believe that Preston is now a missionary in training!!! That is so crazy! It feels like he just barely got his call. So weird. He will do great things in Mexico and will learn so much. I can't wait to see and meet the man he becomes. 

This week was pretty alright. On Monday, a few of us missionaries met at a park and played sand volleyball. My body was so sore the next day and my legs still have sand burns on them, but it was lots and lots of fun!!! 

Sparks is continuing to grow on me. The people here are wonderful and do take care of us missionaries. We just need to work on getting them more involved in the work. If members would extend the invitation to their neighbor's to hear a message of Jesus Christ we would be receiving more solid referrals. (solid meaning that members don't just say "Oh go try the house around the corner, they are nice people." It's just not very effective.) Don't let fear get in the way!! You made covenants to always be a missionary!!! So invite. It is not enough to just be an example anymore. Now is the time to be a part of the finding and teaching aspect of missionary work. (I will step off my soap box now).

Tuesday we had district meeting. We learned how to keep better records in our Area Book so that if we leave, other missionaries will know exactly who we were teaching and where to pick up at. It was a really good meeting. Which reminds me! This week, we are having Elder Teh of the Seventy tour our mission. So we have a meeting/training with him this week! I'll let you know how it is. 

Serving in a city is funny. It seems like there are a lot of people here who don't have traditional religious beliefs. We met with a guy who is very new age. He is a spiritualist and has a lot of ideas. It is so crazy though because he agreed with all that we had said and what he had read in the pamphlet we had left with him. He's a really cool guy and has the sweetest dog ever! She is a german shepherd, golden retriever mix. And she thinks she's a lap dog. SO CUTE!!!

We seem to have a lot of investigators right now who want to preach to us. We aren't sure how interested they are in learning about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So we may be doing a lot of finding this week. 

I have learned so much about myself since being on my mission, it is a little ridiculous. I never knew that  I had a pattern to how I react in certain situations. Well I do, and it's not a very good reaction. It has been amazing to see how the Lord is shaping me as  I serve Him.

I love and pray for you all!!! I hope everything is well and that you guys are oh so happy!!! I know that Jesus is my Savior and Redeemer and He is yours as well!! 
        LOVE YOU ALL!!
             Sister Fish

(this is an extension of my letter)

P.S. I was soooo happy to see the Bowdens on Friday evening. They came out to see their family here and I was able to see them! It was so great to here about all that's happening back home and how everyone is doing! Thanks mom for sending cinnamon rolls! Seriously, on Thursday, I had been thinking about how I needed to make some ;) 
This is Juan (he was baptized 1 year ago and is working on his mission papers!)  and of course my lovely companion Sister Sheppard!!!