Monday, May 5, 2014

Last Week of Transfers already...What?!?!

I can't believe that Preston is now a missionary in training!!! That is so crazy! It feels like he just barely got his call. So weird. He will do great things in Mexico and will learn so much. I can't wait to see and meet the man he becomes. 

This week was pretty alright. On Monday, a few of us missionaries met at a park and played sand volleyball. My body was so sore the next day and my legs still have sand burns on them, but it was lots and lots of fun!!! 

Sparks is continuing to grow on me. The people here are wonderful and do take care of us missionaries. We just need to work on getting them more involved in the work. If members would extend the invitation to their neighbor's to hear a message of Jesus Christ we would be receiving more solid referrals. (solid meaning that members don't just say "Oh go try the house around the corner, they are nice people." It's just not very effective.) Don't let fear get in the way!! You made covenants to always be a missionary!!! So invite. It is not enough to just be an example anymore. Now is the time to be a part of the finding and teaching aspect of missionary work. (I will step off my soap box now).

Tuesday we had district meeting. We learned how to keep better records in our Area Book so that if we leave, other missionaries will know exactly who we were teaching and where to pick up at. It was a really good meeting. Which reminds me! This week, we are having Elder Teh of the Seventy tour our mission. So we have a meeting/training with him this week! I'll let you know how it is. 

Serving in a city is funny. It seems like there are a lot of people here who don't have traditional religious beliefs. We met with a guy who is very new age. He is a spiritualist and has a lot of ideas. It is so crazy though because he agreed with all that we had said and what he had read in the pamphlet we had left with him. He's a really cool guy and has the sweetest dog ever! She is a german shepherd, golden retriever mix. And she thinks she's a lap dog. SO CUTE!!!

We seem to have a lot of investigators right now who want to preach to us. We aren't sure how interested they are in learning about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So we may be doing a lot of finding this week. 

I have learned so much about myself since being on my mission, it is a little ridiculous. I never knew that  I had a pattern to how I react in certain situations. Well I do, and it's not a very good reaction. It has been amazing to see how the Lord is shaping me as  I serve Him.

I love and pray for you all!!! I hope everything is well and that you guys are oh so happy!!! I know that Jesus is my Savior and Redeemer and He is yours as well!! 
        LOVE YOU ALL!!
             Sister Fish

(this is an extension of my letter)

P.S. I was soooo happy to see the Bowdens on Friday evening. They came out to see their family here and I was able to see them! It was so great to here about all that's happening back home and how everyone is doing! Thanks mom for sending cinnamon rolls! Seriously, on Thursday, I had been thinking about how I needed to make some ;) 
This is Juan (he was baptized 1 year ago and is working on his mission papers!)  and of course my lovely companion Sister Sheppard!!!

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