Monday, January 12, 2015

The End is Near

This week was crazy!! The first of the week started off a little slow, but by the end of the week, our spirits and the work picked up! So it ended on a good note!!

On Monday, we had dinner with the LeLoup's so that was lots of fun and we did a FHE  with them. We tried going sledding but there wasn't much snow! haha! There are pictures coming! It was fun though, other than the thorny tumble weed we would roll into at the bottom of the hill! Haha!

We had zone training on Tuesday in Elko. And it was AMAZING!! I feel like I always learn sooo much! I love being a missionary! I will miss weekly trainings! We talked about going back to the fundamentals and basics. So it was a great reminder that simplicity is the best way to go!

On Wednesday, we had a great visit with the Carter's. They are a great family! I love them! They have been less active for a while, but have a new year's resolution to make church a priority in their lives. The first Sunday of the month, they were traveling home from visiting their daughter and they were super bummed that they missed church. They really inspired me! I think that I am going to have a goal this year to go to church every Sunday, no matter what!! :)

We had dinner with the Price's that night. I love them they are the best! They are our go to people! :)

Then Thursday we had an awesome lesson with C. We read through the talk by Tad R. Callister, The Blueprint of Christ's Church. I highly recommend it. It is an incredible talk that goes through some of the doctrine that Christ established in His church that has been restored to the earth. Really, really good!! Anyways, back to C. Her concerns about there not being 3 kingdoms have been resolved, and she is once again, looking towards baptism! Yipee!! We are so excited!!

We saw some other great people this week!! It was lots of fun!!! Well I guess I should get going! I am grateful for all your love and support! I could not have served a mission without you all behind me!! I love you and wish you a happy week!!!

I love you more than I love cinnamon bears! :)

          Sister Fish

Here is our sledding adventure and Sister Rogers cutting the Oakes boys' hair.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Birthday Countdown is ON

Sorry I haven't been very good at sending one big letter! The past few weeks have just been craziness!!

I have started counting down til my 21st birthday so I avoid countdowns to other things... My birthday is officially in 12 days! Are you prepared to have a 21 year old in the family?! I don't know what I thought my life would be like at 21 but here it is! :)

So what has happened that I need to update you on...

Well Christmas week was great!!! We had some great lessons with some awesome families. We were also able to get a lot of member's out with us. So it was really neat. We Spent Christmas eve with the Winegar's. We ate dinner and as a family tradition, every year they act out the nativity with hand puppets. It was really fun to watch.

Then we just hung out at home Christmas day. We also traveled out to Crescent Valley for lunch. We were bored in the evening at home, so we went to the church to watch some approved movies!! We watched one called, On the Way Home and the other was about the Prodigal Son.

This past week was pretty slow. Not very many people were home. They were all out enjoying their vacation time before their kids start school again. We rang in the new year with our eyes closed. We ate carne asada fries for dinner! They are really yummy.

I also had to correct something I told you while skyping. You asked me how the deer meat was... it was soo gross! As I ate it, I could just smell the blood from cutting it up! It was nasty. Also I think I have decided to become a vegetarian, because meat in general just grosses me out now. It is not good.

Fast Sunday was really great! The spirit was super powerful and the lessons in the classes were just inspiring. In Relief Society especially. We talked about being bridges for our families and what we can do to create a strong bridge. It was derived from a talk that President Eyring gave in General Conference in 2009.

It is Monday. Not sure what we are going to do the rest of the day, but I'm sure we'll find something! We have dinner out in Crescent Valley with the LeLoup's which should be pretty fun. Their one son always tells me to go back to New York. Hahah! If only I were from there! :)

I hope all is well with you guys! You're the best support a girl could have! Keep up the good work! I hope along with the prayers for missionary work, you are reading Preach My Gospel. It will help build your confidence and faith to open your mouth.

I love you guys!!!
     Sister Messervy
The Winegar's have a sheltie too. Her name is Ginger and I just had to get a picture with her!