Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Companions - old and new

Sister Flores and me!  I am going to miss her!
My amazing new companion - Sister Purcell.

Birthday Week 2014

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!!!! Having a Birthday in the mission field is pretty great!! It was a whole weekend of celebrating! The Simons Family made breakfast for lunch on Friday and of course there was cake! Then again on Sunday, the Harris Family made a cake and sang to me. Then on P-day the zone had a birthday party for me! I'll have to send pictures next week because I forgot the USB cord to connect my camera to the computer.
A lot of wonderful things happened this week. Sister Purcell is still as wonderful as ever! It is nice to have a companion older than you because they just know a whole heck of a lot about everything!! 

Our investigator Amy has an incredible testimony of prayer! She has learned a ton about the church from family members and has definitely been prepared by the Lord to hear His gospel! We invited her to read the Book of Mormon this last week and committed her to baptism once she comes to know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. She is wonderful!! 

We invited a ton of less actives to church and all of them said  they would be there. They weren't. It was kind of emotionally devastating. So after church we went over to Tammie's to see how things were. Had such an incredible experience there. She has been struggling with a lot lately and so we talked to her about receiving a priesthood blessing. Thinking on our feet since we as Sisters don't hold God's power, Sister Purcell and I remembered that as missionaries, we do have a special power to leave peace and blessings in a home. The spirit was so strong as we fervently prayed to the Lord for Tammie and her family. Even though, we as women do not have the priesthood power that men do, we can still call upon the Lord through prayer and He will bless us by that same power. It was just such a testimony builder to me that we as missionaries truly do have power and authority from God.

Friday night, we had dinner with the Owen family. They are a less active family in our ward as well. I love them so stinkin' much they are great!! Sister Purcell bore a powerful testimony to them of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how the Church needs them. The Elko 3rd ward needs the Owen family. President Uchtdorfs talk this past General Conference was so inspired!! We talked about "Coming and Joining With Us." They see the blessings that church attendance brings, they just need to take the next step by going to church!

It was a wonderful week here in Elko, Nevada!! I hope and pray that all is well with everyone and that you can see the Lord's hand in your life!!

                   Much Love and Lots of Hugs,
                             Sister Fish

Monday, January 13, 2014

More Pictures!

1. all the missionary cars in a row

2. all the missionaries found our favorite email place so we had to wait to get on the computer! haha

3. Sister Purcell!!!
Us with the Myers family... our ward mission leader and his cute wife and kidos


Transfer Day...

1. Elder Hayes and I
2&3. Sister Hartfeld and I
4. Missionaries from Spring Creek and Elko zone...

Sisters From left to right: Sister Riter, Sister Owen, and Sister Hartfeld
Elders from left to right: Farnsworth and Martindale

More from Transfer day...
1. Sister Flores and I
2&3. Sister Flores, Sister Riter, and me
4. Sister Sanford, Sister Wood, and me
5. Sister Flores and Sister Owen
6. Sister Flores, Elder Prescott, and I 


Friday, January 10, 2014

Transfers? I'm Stayin' in Elko!

My new year is going great. I love being a missionary. It is awesome to have spiritual experiences with people you hardly know daily. Incredible. I am excited to serve the Lord for a whole year!!

Transfers... hem hem... drum roll please...  Can you just move my records to the Elko 3rd ward? HAHA. I will be staying so it is a good thing there is still plenty to do and a wonderful ward to do it with. I will be training a sister who is coming in straight from the MTC. I am kind of nervous because I am the one who molds her into the missionary she will be and yeah. Kind of a lot of pressure. It'll be great though and everyone says they learn more from training than being trained. And I still have a LOT to learn! I will miss Sister Flores a ton too!! The Simons were joking with me the other day that there must be something wrong with me where no one can be my comp for more than a transfer!! haha. 

I had a sore throat and a cough on Christmas and a few days later had to spend the whole day in bed. DON"T GET SICK!! IT ISN'T ANY FUN!!

Well I hope you all enjoy the new year!! I need to finish making some resolutions before this year is half over. Haha! 

 Love ya lots! Miss you more!