Monday, December 15, 2014


I thought I'd start out with a big AHOLA! Because there still isn't any snow and there is no sign of it coming! Boo. It really does not feel like Christmas yet.

So the weeks are flying by. I can't believe that I will be talking with ya'll in a week!! Have we figured out timing yet? I think I should be able to do whenever. :)

We are starting to work hard at finding this week. There are lots of people who need this gospel but no one who seems ready yet. It has been hard but we are continually trying to show are faith so that we can see miracles! 

The Lord loves everyone of us and does have a plan for us. I know that! I have truly learned that for myself. He knows what will be best for us to learn and to grow. Some days I feel like I've grown a lot and other days not so much, but I sure hope that there has been a change. 

Not much to report on!! I love you all and wish you a very merry Christmas!!
        Sister Fish 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Final Transfer...What?!?!

Carlin is my new home!!! I will be in Carlin for another 6 weeks! Yep. Sister Rogers will still be my companion and she will now have been my longest companion. Good thing I now can keep a companion for 3 transfers! haha!! 
AHAHAHAHAH!!!! I feel like I have a panic attack just about everyday thinking about how close the end is near... It can't be over can it? Well good thing it won't be. I won't be teaching full time but I will be looking for ways to be a missionary full time. Everything we learn through trials or experiences are being learned so we can use it in the future. Does that make sense?
It was a rough week, but a good week. We have been seeing lots of miracles but lots of challenges too. That's how we know we are doing something right!!

A lot of our investigators have been really flaky lately and are just using their agency not to meet with us. I really hope that they will be straight with us if they don't want to meet anymore or that they will keep their appointments. I really appreciate honesty and straight forwardness so much more now!!! 

We were able to see this C. family this week. They have been having a  struggle in a lot of different aspects in their life. They are a part member family and we invited the father to hear more about the restored gospel this past week. He accepted!! I am so excited. I love this family so much and I can just feel how much he needs to be baptized and how much that will help him in his life especially at this time.

One of my favorite things about being a missionary is feeling the Savior's love each and everyday, but not just His love for me, His love for everyone. When I invite people to learn of how they can have an eternal family I can feel the Savior's love and concern for them! He is so real and so aware. I know that to be true. He knows us deeper than we know ourselves. He knows what is best for us and I just love that about Him.

Sunday, we monitored at the creche! It was lots of fun. I am grateful to be here in Elko for it again this year. I learned so much about the nativity that I never knew. Just to name a few, there was a taco truck there, a back hoe, and also a dragon. ; Every community needs something like this. A place where everyone can display their nativities to the rest of the neighborhood. It is just the perfect way to celebrate the Christmas season. I loved the First Presidency's Christmas devotional as well. Everything that was shared related back to the testimonies shared in our testimony meeting at church. 

The Christmas season is one of the best times to share your light of Christ. Share the knowledge and truth that we have with everyone around them. Our Father in Heaven gave us the most precious and greatest gift of all, His son. Because of that gift, we need to share the gift of eternal families with everyone!!! Don't be afraid! Just share it! 

I love you guys lots and lots and lots!!! Miss you too!! Have you heard anything about skyping yet? Just wondering! I think I should be available whenever but can you convert the time you give me to Nevada time! I would appreciate that!! 

miss ya lots! See ya soon!
          Sister Fish 

Monday, December 1, 2014

He is the Gift


So how are things? The weather is starting to turn cold again. It threatened to snow yesterday, but that didn't last long. 

Have you seen the new Christmas clip that is on It is sooo good. watch it! Such a great way to kick off the holiday season!! I have watched it like 10 times I swear, and it still hasn't gotten old! You can just feel the spirit as you watch it and it reminds us of why we celebrate Christmas.

It was a really good week!! We had exchanges on Wednesday! I was with Sister Coy in Carlin. If you don't remember who Sister Coy is, she was with me in the MTC. We were in the same district and roomies!!! It was a lot of fun! We saw a lot of miracles. We contacted 3 people right in a row! And all of them seemed fairly interested!! It was awesome! We have a return appointment with one tomorrow

Thanksgiving was great! We had dinner with a family in the ward, the Winegar's. Their kids are so different and all have big personality's so it was tons of fun! We played hacky sac before dinner and then settler's of Catan afterwards. Don't worry my skills at board games have not improved so I will have to work on that so I can beat ya'll! 

I am so grateful for this time of year that we have to remember our gratitude and our Lord and Savior, even Jesus Christ. It truly is through Him that all things are possible!! I love and miss you all soooo much!!! Hope you have a happy holiday season!!

I love you more than Hot cocoa!
           Sister Fish