Monday, June 23, 2014

Out the Window

     Hello, Hey, Hi, Hola, 
So this has been a crazy transfer! It has been so long... but quick all at the same time! A lot happened in such a short time. At the beginning of the transfer, we had a trio of Elders in our ward and then in the 4th week, Sister Sheppard and I took over the whole ward again! It has been a lot of work, but it's been great fun!!! 

The verdict on transfers is (L O N G  D R A M A T I C  P A U S E) I am staying in the Highland Ranch ward in Sparks for another transfer! And on a really sad note, Sister Sheppard is no longer my companion. She ships off to Ely Wednesday morning. I am so sad. We have gotten way close, but the Lord has his reasons. My new companion is Sister Knight! I'll have to send you a pic next week when I even know who she is!

Sebastian decided that he wants to be baptized this week!! And since he's been coming to church, we are having the service on Saturday June 28th!! It'll be crazy fun! We are so excited! He just can't wait! 

We've been meeting with a lot of less actives this week and going through the ward list to see if any of them are interested in coming back to church. Pretty much like none of them are. It is super depressing!! But funny stories do come out of it....

At one house this lady answers the door with a mouthful of food and proceeds to tell us that they've told missionaries to quit stopping by (insert spray of tuna?) they aren't interested anymore (more food out the mouth). It was pretty gross. 

Another time, we were trying to find a man named Mike so we tried the address that we were given for him. This woman answers the door and tells us that she had a renter there like 9 years ago whose name was Mike, but that he was no longer there. We then invite her to learn more about the Restored Gospel and how it can help and bless her. She really wanted to argue with us so we just testified to her of what we know to be true. At the end, she asks for our names, we give them to her. Just as soon as she has our names, she states, "I'll be praying for you." A bit before that she told us that those who preach false doctrine will be under condemnation....

So it's been a pretty good week with lots of good things happening! I love and miss you all like crazy! Let me know how everything is going with your summer fun!! I can't believe that in a month, I will only have 6 months left!! Where has the time gone? oh that's right, straight out the window! 

           Much love and lots o' hugs!!
                     Sister Fish


Monday, June 9, 2014

Drama, drama, drama.....

Hello my loved ones...
It is getting so ridiculously HOT!! Seriously, I am starting to believe what they say about Reno and Sparks, "Reno is so close to Hell, you can see Sparks." Yep it is that hot out, and it is only June.

So this was a week full of drama. The other set of missionaries in our ward, the Elders, were pulled out. There are now serving in another ward in the stake. So we have the lovely privilege of covering all of the ward. There is seriously so much to do, and not enough time to do it. I really wish there was a magic pill that would cure everything. I think I don't even know how to relax anymore. It is great though, life is good!!

Sister Healy is a recent convert who we have been working with! She was baptized in December of last year and we are going to the temple with her this Wednesday!!!  Sister Healy received a limited use recommend for the temple this Sunday. We will be going with her to do baptisms for the dead and we could not be more excited. After the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference, she knew that she wanted/needed to go this week. We are so happy to see her making those next steps to the temple since that is the goal! It is amazing to see her love for the gospel and her fire of conversion burning bright. She loves the Lord and loves His gospel. The testimony she bore last Sunday was incredible. She is so happy and is already sharing that happiness with others. She wants everyone to be Mormon. We love her to bits and pieces!!!

Not much else is happening. It was a pretty slow week. We are just trying to figure out and plan how to work within a whole ward! I haven't done that yet in my mission. I've only ever had half! It is exciting, but overwhelming all at the same time.

This last weekend was Stake Conference and it was an incredible meeting. Elder Hansen, the area seventy came and spoke. The temple president and his wife also spoke, so did President and Sister Hermansen. Seriously amazing. I learned so much from their inspired counsel. 

Something that President Hermansen said really stuck out to me. He was talking about the Restoration of the gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. When Heavenly Father spoke, the first words He said in this dispensation was calling Joseph by name. He knows us intimately. He knows our strengths and weaknesses, He loves us. He is a loving Father in Heaven. 

Also we need to trust the spirit more. Whenever we have a generous thought, we need to act on it. Good and righteous actions that come into our mind are from the Spirit. So don't supress those thoughts! Just act on them without questioning it! Pray for Charity! Love everyone. Talk with everyone. Remember that everyone needs the gospel that we have, even if they don't recognize that they do!!
I love you all so much! I pray always that you are coming closer to Christ. I miss you all more than the mountains!! 

 Sister Fish

This is Sister Healy and her kids. We went bowling with them for her son's birthday!!! 
This is the Harding's!! They are the family that had us over to skype on mother's day!! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

JUNE!!!!! NO WAY!!

OH my goodness... can you believe that it is June already! I can't! That just amazes me! In a month, I will have been a missionary for one whole year!! Where in the heck has the time gone!! It is lost somewhere!

Well this week was interesting! There is a lot of interesting dynamics going on with the ward we are serving in and missionary work... it is lots of drama and kind of crazy. I am hoping that it all works out for the best! Of course, it will work out how Heavenly Father wants it too. Everything is in His hands.

We met with a part member family this week and found out that the daughter doesn't even believe in God. She is a very logical thinker, very smart, and realistic. We are trying to show her that God is real in a very logical way! Should be interesting! 

We had dinner with a less active this Saturday and we made washer necklaces with her after. They aren't finished quite yet, once they are, I'll send you a picture! She is seriously the craftiest person ever. Her kitchen cabinets instead of being full of kitcheny things, are full of crafting supplies!! haha! She's just the cutest!

Fast Sunday was amazing! Many of the testimonies were on how members are trying to do missionary work! I wanted to cry, I was so happy! It is exciting to hear that ward members are not only praying for those opportunities, but they are acting when they arise! Our recent convert, Rita amazes me! She is so missionary minded!! She calls it recruiting! And when she does missionary work, she is getting her "CK (celestial kingdom) punch card filled." Rita is always asking us if we've found any recruits! Love her! She is on fire, already bringing others to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

On Sunday, after church, we helped a less active clean her pond that was full of moss!! It was pretty gross!! Reminded me that I never want a pond! I'll send you a picture of us in our cute outfits, maybe not so cute! She was so sweet and let us bore some pants and hats! haha!

I love this work and I love the Lord! Stay strong and of a good courage!!
                      Sister Fish

Juan has been a member for 1 year and he just got his mission call to the denver south mission

us crafting!!

That's us going to work in the pond!! haha!