Monday, June 23, 2014

Out the Window

     Hello, Hey, Hi, Hola, 
So this has been a crazy transfer! It has been so long... but quick all at the same time! A lot happened in such a short time. At the beginning of the transfer, we had a trio of Elders in our ward and then in the 4th week, Sister Sheppard and I took over the whole ward again! It has been a lot of work, but it's been great fun!!! 

The verdict on transfers is (L O N G  D R A M A T I C  P A U S E) I am staying in the Highland Ranch ward in Sparks for another transfer! And on a really sad note, Sister Sheppard is no longer my companion. She ships off to Ely Wednesday morning. I am so sad. We have gotten way close, but the Lord has his reasons. My new companion is Sister Knight! I'll have to send you a pic next week when I even know who she is!

Sebastian decided that he wants to be baptized this week!! And since he's been coming to church, we are having the service on Saturday June 28th!! It'll be crazy fun! We are so excited! He just can't wait! 

We've been meeting with a lot of less actives this week and going through the ward list to see if any of them are interested in coming back to church. Pretty much like none of them are. It is super depressing!! But funny stories do come out of it....

At one house this lady answers the door with a mouthful of food and proceeds to tell us that they've told missionaries to quit stopping by (insert spray of tuna?) they aren't interested anymore (more food out the mouth). It was pretty gross. 

Another time, we were trying to find a man named Mike so we tried the address that we were given for him. This woman answers the door and tells us that she had a renter there like 9 years ago whose name was Mike, but that he was no longer there. We then invite her to learn more about the Restored Gospel and how it can help and bless her. She really wanted to argue with us so we just testified to her of what we know to be true. At the end, she asks for our names, we give them to her. Just as soon as she has our names, she states, "I'll be praying for you." A bit before that she told us that those who preach false doctrine will be under condemnation....

So it's been a pretty good week with lots of good things happening! I love and miss you all like crazy! Let me know how everything is going with your summer fun!! I can't believe that in a month, I will only have 6 months left!! Where has the time gone? oh that's right, straight out the window! 

           Much love and lots o' hugs!!
                     Sister Fish


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