Monday, June 9, 2014

Drama, drama, drama.....

Hello my loved ones...
It is getting so ridiculously HOT!! Seriously, I am starting to believe what they say about Reno and Sparks, "Reno is so close to Hell, you can see Sparks." Yep it is that hot out, and it is only June.

So this was a week full of drama. The other set of missionaries in our ward, the Elders, were pulled out. There are now serving in another ward in the stake. So we have the lovely privilege of covering all of the ward. There is seriously so much to do, and not enough time to do it. I really wish there was a magic pill that would cure everything. I think I don't even know how to relax anymore. It is great though, life is good!!

Sister Healy is a recent convert who we have been working with! She was baptized in December of last year and we are going to the temple with her this Wednesday!!!  Sister Healy received a limited use recommend for the temple this Sunday. We will be going with her to do baptisms for the dead and we could not be more excited. After the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference, she knew that she wanted/needed to go this week. We are so happy to see her making those next steps to the temple since that is the goal! It is amazing to see her love for the gospel and her fire of conversion burning bright. She loves the Lord and loves His gospel. The testimony she bore last Sunday was incredible. She is so happy and is already sharing that happiness with others. She wants everyone to be Mormon. We love her to bits and pieces!!!

Not much else is happening. It was a pretty slow week. We are just trying to figure out and plan how to work within a whole ward! I haven't done that yet in my mission. I've only ever had half! It is exciting, but overwhelming all at the same time.

This last weekend was Stake Conference and it was an incredible meeting. Elder Hansen, the area seventy came and spoke. The temple president and his wife also spoke, so did President and Sister Hermansen. Seriously amazing. I learned so much from their inspired counsel. 

Something that President Hermansen said really stuck out to me. He was talking about the Restoration of the gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. When Heavenly Father spoke, the first words He said in this dispensation was calling Joseph by name. He knows us intimately. He knows our strengths and weaknesses, He loves us. He is a loving Father in Heaven. 

Also we need to trust the spirit more. Whenever we have a generous thought, we need to act on it. Good and righteous actions that come into our mind are from the Spirit. So don't supress those thoughts! Just act on them without questioning it! Pray for Charity! Love everyone. Talk with everyone. Remember that everyone needs the gospel that we have, even if they don't recognize that they do!!
I love you all so much! I pray always that you are coming closer to Christ. I miss you all more than the mountains!! 

 Sister Fish

This is Sister Healy and her kids. We went bowling with them for her son's birthday!!! 
This is the Harding's!! They are the family that had us over to skype on mother's day!! 

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