Monday, December 15, 2014


I thought I'd start out with a big AHOLA! Because there still isn't any snow and there is no sign of it coming! Boo. It really does not feel like Christmas yet.

So the weeks are flying by. I can't believe that I will be talking with ya'll in a week!! Have we figured out timing yet? I think I should be able to do whenever. :)

We are starting to work hard at finding this week. There are lots of people who need this gospel but no one who seems ready yet. It has been hard but we are continually trying to show are faith so that we can see miracles! 

The Lord loves everyone of us and does have a plan for us. I know that! I have truly learned that for myself. He knows what will be best for us to learn and to grow. Some days I feel like I've grown a lot and other days not so much, but I sure hope that there has been a change. 

Not much to report on!! I love you all and wish you a very merry Christmas!!
        Sister Fish 

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