Friday, January 10, 2014

Transfers? I'm Stayin' in Elko!

My new year is going great. I love being a missionary. It is awesome to have spiritual experiences with people you hardly know daily. Incredible. I am excited to serve the Lord for a whole year!!

Transfers... hem hem... drum roll please...  Can you just move my records to the Elko 3rd ward? HAHA. I will be staying so it is a good thing there is still plenty to do and a wonderful ward to do it with. I will be training a sister who is coming in straight from the MTC. I am kind of nervous because I am the one who molds her into the missionary she will be and yeah. Kind of a lot of pressure. It'll be great though and everyone says they learn more from training than being trained. And I still have a LOT to learn! I will miss Sister Flores a ton too!! The Simons were joking with me the other day that there must be something wrong with me where no one can be my comp for more than a transfer!! haha. 

I had a sore throat and a cough on Christmas and a few days later had to spend the whole day in bed. DON"T GET SICK!! IT ISN'T ANY FUN!!

Well I hope you all enjoy the new year!! I need to finish making some resolutions before this year is half over. Haha! 

 Love ya lots! Miss you more!

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