Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2014 - Mom is way Behind!

Here ye, Here ye,

I am slowly but surely running out of greetings for these letters!! Things are going great here in good ol' Nevada! Transfers are coming up so next Wednesday, I could be somewhere completely different, doubtful, but you never know. Should be getting a call on Saturday. I am pretty sure I am becoming a permanent fixture of the Elko 3rd Ward. Might as well move my records! Bishop Talbot and his family are actually moving to Eureka within the next couple of weeks. I actually wanted to cry, that is how long I have been here. I wonder who the new Bishop will be? 

That is awesome that Preston is now an Elder!!! Does he know which temple he wants to go to yet? I miss the temple so much! It is really weird not being able to go for 6 whole months. Especially coming from Utah where I was able to go every single week. I am sure you guys gave great talks! I seriously wish I had Dad's skill of writing. Sorry I totally forgot to send you guys something from me to share. I have been super forgetful lately! So I apologize!! 

Christmas week was slow, but great!! Monday, we helped to build a huge playhouse that Miley, Marley, and Mac got for Christmas! I am now an expert roofer. It was tons of fun though because Elder Miller and I worked on one side and Elder Hayes and Sister Flores worked on the other side, so of course it turned into a race. Elder Miller and I would have won, but Elder Hayes started cheating. On Christmas Eve, we went caroling as a zone in an area! It was so much fun and after we went to a member's home for hot cocoa and treats! The only bad thing about the week is that I have had a sore throat and have been coughing up a lung I swear! Yay me!! And then finally on Friday I couldn't get out of bed, that is how sick I was. Spent the whole day in bed and boy was it ever so BORING! I hate being inside just laying around, doing nothing! It is the worst, especially when you know that there are way better things to be doing. So the rest of the weekend, we took things pretty slowly because I have been sick. Hooray!

Christmas day was lots of fun though!! We got up with the Simons and watched them and the girls open presents. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, every time Sister Flores and I got a package, Sister Simons made sure it went under the tree! Thank you everyone for all the wonderful Christmas gifts! The Simons are ridiculous and wonderful people! Santa even brought the missionaries a few things!! It was great to talk to you guys too!!! I am so glad you all are doing well! Dad, you will pay for making me cry! I did so well! I can't wait to chat with you all again in another 4ish months! 

Ryan had his 4th new member lesson this week!! The Goulding Family taught it and they were fantastic. Each of the kids took a commandment and then taught it to Ryan! One more lesson to go and then Ryan should be even more of a spiritual giant than he already is! Tammie came to church! Which was fantastic! She hasn't been in months and I am so glad she was able to make it to sacrament meeting. Speaking of sacrament meeting. Since coming on my mission, I have really come to understand the importance and just how sacred the sacrament is. It is as powerful and cleansing as baptism! I don't think I've ever really understood that until recently! I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to renew the promises we made to our Heavenly Father each week by partaking of something so simple, but so significant! 

With the New Year coming and all, I just want to apologize for all the wrongs I have done and for anything I have ever done to hurt anyone's feelings. I love you family and I am sorry you guys have had to put up with such a diva for 20 years now! I am so grateful for all you have taught me and done to take care of and support more. I feel like I have under appreciated you and just want you to know that I am so grateful for all the prayers, love, and support!!

I know that Christ has truly restored His gospel and church to the Earth. He loves and cares so much about each of us! 
            Much Love and Lots of Hugs!!
                        Sister Fish

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