Monday, December 23, 2013

Hey-O! Almost Christmas

   So Christmas we are spending the day with the wonderful family we live with the simons!!! When I have gotten packages in the last few weeks, sister Simons has thrown them under the tree!! Then I think we will spend some time with the Harris family and have dinner with them. The missionaries are all having a party at the stake center so we may go spend some time with everyone. It will be really weird to not be home for Christmas, but it'll be fun. I'll miss getting up super early. You guys should take this year that I am not home and run with it. I feel like I was always the instigator of waking up super super early!! It sounds like you guys are having lots and lots of fun! Sorry I am keeping all of these short, I just want to talk to you about a lot on Christmas! I am so FREAKING EXCITED to see ya'll!! 
                               Much Love,
                                          Sister Fish
So we've been doing elf on the shelf for the 3 Simons' girls! It has been fun!


It has been fun taking pictures of the different things the elf is doing! My comp graduated in graphic design so she knows a lot about photography! She's been teaching me how to use my camera!

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