Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

This week was kind of slow. We didn't do a whole lot of teaching but we did huge amounts of inviting! We have been inviting everyone to all the Christmas activities that are going on this month. Especially the Creche Festival. So the Creche was awesome!!! It is this multicultural interfaith event that happens every year around Christmas time here in Elko. Everyone donates their nativities to be displayed and they get tons from all over the world!! It is so cool. Be prepared for tons of pictures this week from that cause I took lots! They also have musical performances every night from all the different churches and musical groups in the area. This year, Sister Halls donated a collection of Madonna with Child. There were over 1,500 displayed. It was insane. So cool though. When I get home, I will definitely have to come back here around Christmas time. 

We taught our 80 yr. old investigator, Edie, the first lesson this week. It went pretty well. We talked to her about the apostasy and the restoration of Christ's church to the earth. We used cups to show what the Church is established on and how other Churches were created from Christ's original church. We wanted to make sure it was very visual so she wouldn't miss understand us. It went really well and I think slowly but surely she is understanding. We think mostly she is afraid of change and starting a "new life" at 80 some odd years old.
The weather here has been bitter. If there was no wind, it wouldn't be that bad, but of course there has to be wind. So it has been chilly chilly chilly. And funny story for everyone. I have grown up my whole life, even though there have been plenty of signs telling me otherwise, thinking that the whole state of Nevada is warm year round. So needless to say, I didn't pack well for the winter. Lots of shopping to do today! Everyone has been asking me where I am from, when I say Utah they wonder why I am not more prepared for the winter. :)

The Christmas devotional was great! We watched it at the stake center. So good, now the Christmas season can really start! The Simons (the family we live with) are amazing! They put up stockings for us and we even have presents wrapped under the Christmas tree. Love them a lot!! 

Well much love! I hope you all stay warm this December!!

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