Monday, August 25, 2014

Slow Week

This week was kind of a slow one! I don't know why, but not a whole lot happened! So sorry for the short letter!!
We were able to see Pat this week! We talked to him more about the Book of Mormon and how it answers questions of the soul. We read through Helaman chapter 5 with him and there was a verse about peace that really touched him. You could see how the spirit behind the verse affected him. 
I heard from Juan this week!! He is a recent convert who just left on his mission! Now he is officially in his mission as of today!! It sounds like he loved the MTC. He was actually a district leader while he was there! He is going to do great!
J seriously kills me! She is the funniest old lady on the planet! She is just so spunky! We talked to her about the apostasy. She had heard it all before and she told us that she has been praying about whether or not Joseph Smith was a Prophet for a really long time, but hasn't felt like she's received an answer yet. We plan on reading the Book of Mormon with her, because it is through reading it that you come to know whether or not he was a Prophet. Because now 17 year old boy with a fourth grade level education could have written it without the power of God. So I'll keep you posted on what happens there!!
We were also able to get in touch with a family who we haven't seen in forever. They are going through a rough patch, but are turning completely to the Lord to help them go through it! It is wonderful to see them at church and really ready to move forward in the gospel! 
Exchanges was good! I learned a lot from Sister Rae!! She is awesome!! 
Lauren's birthday was on saturday, she got a quad for her birthday and is so happy to have all the scriptures in one!!  We of course gave her a picture of her two favorite Sister Missionaries!! 
Well, I don't know what else to say!! Not a whole lot going on! I love and miss you all like mucho mucho mucho!!!
                    Sister Fish


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