Monday, July 28, 2014

And I know just why I like the rain .....

I hope you got the song reference in my subject line! And I sure hope that is the song you were playing as you drove through, since that's my favorite one and all! It has been raining like all weekend! Was I really called to Nevada or am I in Oregon? haha! It is really good though because we are in a serious drought. I've missed the rain and I am so happy that it is here to stay for a bit. The thunderstorms have been pretty awesome and there have even been a few dust storms!! The weather is crazy and the wind never stops here. Should Chicago have the title of windy city or should Sparks? Right now it seems pretty debatable!

This has been a really great week! Pat is taking huge steps to be baptized. We met with him almost everyday this week! It was great! Friday evening, he called us to see if we knew how to cut hair. We told him that "for you we do!" Seriously his mane was getting pretty mangy. We were cutting his hair outside and the wind started to pick up. Hair was flying everywhere, it was kind of gross. Pat looks like a totally different person now.After we left, he shaved too!! Then on Saturday night, he and his brother came to a baptism. Pat told us that his heart was fluttering! He could feel the spirit!! And Pat was even able to come to church on Sunday! We are seriously so excited to see the progress he is making! He is taking much bigger steps towards baptism now!! 

Wednesday, we met Mike and Marty. Mike is terminally ill from brain cancer and is not completely coherent all the time. He is getting some stubs to grow on his head, but is as skinny as a rail. As we were talking with him, he would sometimes be there, but other times be chatting with someone the rest of us couldn't see. His friend Marty cares for him 24/7. He gave up everything. He sold his home, business, motorcycle, etc., and moved to Sparks to take care of his best friend. It was amazing to see the love that Marty had for Mike, it was definitely the closest to Christlike love that I have ever seen.

Mike kept asking when they were going to a place, but they hadn't made any plans to go anywhere. Marty had to keep telling Mike that they'd leave soon, even though they never would. How hard would that be to live in 2 different realities. 1. the reality that your friend is going to die and having to take care of everything for him while 2. having to pretend for him so he doesn't get upset and to keep him happy at the end of his life. A few times, Marty had to walk out of the room and compose himself. I looked out into the hall and saw him weeping those times, but in the room he was strong for Mike. 

As we offered a prayer with Mike, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or to weep. As I was talking to God, Mike kept interjecting, "sounds great", "that's great." We left in tears, but with the faith in our hearts that Mike will rest once he leaves his ill body. Watching how Marty cared for Mike really made me think about if I would show that kind of love for a friend, or even a stranger. I pray that each of us will strive to show more love for the people around us, because they truly are our brothers and sisters. We are all children of God. 

Those are just a few highlights from the week! I hope everything is good and that everyone is doing well! I love and miss you oodles and oodles!
             Sister Fish

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