Monday, July 28, 2014

July's last post! Already?

Your trip to the Redwoods sounds like soooo much fun!!! Seriously.. I miss vacations. Is that weird?!? haha. So there may be a lot in my future!! I can't believe how big those trees are. Actually, I can't believe trees exist! 

This last week was kind of crazy and a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but we made it through!!

This week was great! We spent a lot of time with our favorite family, the Healy's!! We are helping them to get into the habit of building their testimonies daily, by reading the scriptures and praying together as a family. I love them! They have thrown themselves into this gospel head first and want to know everything about the church. I am so excited for their family and for the blessings that the gospel will continue to bring them!

Pat is continuing to progress. He is changing for the better and it is so exciting to see. He was at church (2nd week in a row!) in a white shirt and tie. We taught him once again about the restoration and it was such a different lesson. I don't think we were teaching the same person. He was so much more humble and willing to listen and didn't go off on crazy tangents. Then yesterday he asked for more moral support from us by attending this thing with him. I can't wait till he is baptized!!

We were on exchanges all day Friday! And I just have to say that I love Sister Sweany! Seriously, I was able to learn so much from her and we were able to just help each other a lot! It was a really great day! And the spirit was just so strong! 

Sunday evening we were able to teach a youth fireside in the home of a member of the bishopric. We had the youth role play answering questions about what we believe that their friends might pose to them. It was so fun!! I hope the youth enjoyed it too and felt the spirit of missionary work! 

I am so continually grateful for this gospel and for the love that our Lord and Savior has for us!!! I love you guys and am so thankful for your love and support! I hope you guys have a great week!! 
                           Sister Fish

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