Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mission Prep

     Recently I have discovered something that I'm sure no one would have guessed... getting ready for a mission is HARD. Especially if you are a sister! Looking for skirts that fall below your knees when sitting, right when summer fashions have hit the stores, is sooooo ridiculous. Thank goodness for my new best friend, online shopping!! I love finding deals online and practically waiting on your doorstep for that package, with your name on it. It is just like Christmas! The stores where I found my most favorite skirts were asos and modcloth. Both can be somewhat expensive, but if you look when they have a sale... they are a shoppers heaven!
    So, side note, I've always wanted to be one of those really insightful people. You know the type who seem to always find something to learn from their life mishaps. They are reflective and ponder about how an action lead to a reaction, and what to take from that experience or story. I've never been the type, my life just happens and a story is just a story. I'd like to take this moment to be one of those smart, learn from everything people. Getting ready for my mission has taught me a lot about patience, not being worldly, and that the best things in life, aren't found right away, they come after lots of hours of searching or work. Truly preparing to serve, shows the Lord that you are obedient, and that you will learn as much as you can so He can use you as His mouthpiece to share the gospel with His precious children.

      Hooray for 6 more weeks of preparation!!

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