Sunday, August 25, 2013


Obedience brings blessings, at least that's what I've heard. Haha just kidding, it really does. Sister Fellman and I this week had an experience with that, We had stayed up late talking about some things and then because of that, we slept in like way longer than 5 minutes. So the day was pretty crummy and like no one was home. We weren't able to visit like any of the people we wanted. When finally we are like "Ok, we get it, we need to strive to be more obedient." And then Sister Fellman had the idea that we should pray. We prayed to Heavenly Father to tell us what we should do and seriously like 2 minutes after that, we knocked on a door and met a family that hopefully will let us teach them the lessons. They told us to come back and that we were welcome anytime, but that they did have their own faith. So we will just keep going back and see what happens! But yeah, moral of the story, exact obedience brings miracles!!
We get our transfer calls in like 2 weeks!! Ridiculous, so who knows where I will be serving/living in september. I have a feeling I am not leaving Elko this next transfer, but it is wherever the Lord wants and needs me to be.
Serving a mission really is the best thing for individuals. It forces you out of your comfort zone like all the time, but you learn so much. We have been told that the greatest conversion to happen on a mission is within ourselves, but we cannot focus on ourselves. By converting others, and seeing the blessings the gospel brings to them, we then in turn convert ourselves. I hope Preston was listening to because even though it is kind of scary, he just needs to do it. It is really the hardest, but the best time of my life. I would never have the chance to meet any of the people I have, if I wouldn't have decided to serve. You learn how to live/be on your own and also with a companion (good marriage prep). And also you learn to rely on the Lord and the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

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