Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Spider Killer

Elko is great but full of lots of gross spiders! On Monday night last week there was the biggest spider I have ever seen (in a house) and it was on our wall!! Sister Fellman and I were yelling and trying to get close enough to swat it. Pretty much, we are both terrified of those creepy crawlers! Eventually Sister Simon's (the member whose basement we live in) knocked on our door and asked us if we were okay. We told her we weren't and seriously she took one look at the spider and it was dead!!! Later in the week there was a pretty big one in the shower and I killed him! Me, the girl who runs away yelling or jumps on the bed screaming for dear life. He was gross by the way!!! So upsetting! It took me like 10 minutes to gain the courage to end its life, plus I was in my towel cause I was just going to step in and shower, but he ruined my plans!! After I said a short prayer though, he started moving closer to the door of the shower, I got mad, and hit him a million or so times, with a fly swatter. Yeah, he was real dead. The whole time I was trying to kill him, I was singing the song that goes Psycho Killer, bababababa... obviously I changed the lyrics to spider killer. 
We got some new investigators this week, which was good. It's sad though because a lot of people we teach are just struggling a ton with life and things. They live in low income housing, have kids to feed/take care of, and hospital/doctor bills to pay for. It has made me so grateful for parents who know how to manage money and who went to college so they could support a family.
Finding people to teach here is hard though. Elko is full of miners and their schedules are ridiculous. The shifts are like crazy. Some have 7 days on and then 7 days off. Others work nights for a week or a month and then switch to a month or week of day shifts. So it is hard to know when to try a certain house since you never know what the husband's schedule will be like.
So way back in the history of the church, the early saints used to do these things called cottage meetings. They would meet at a home and then have discussions/conversations on different gospel topics. Well not only did the early saints do it, but now we have one each week. It is really such an inspired idea. We have our recent converts and less active members come to a members' home and then teach them more about something. Like last week, we talked more in depth about the first vision and about how the Lord answers our prayers if we ask him and really believe that he will help us. It is nice because it is in a relaxed setting so the people there, can feel free to ask any question they want and not feel uncomfortable. So hopefully those keep going well and helping everyone to learn more about the gospel. I know I have already learned a lot from only 2 meetings.

Yesterday (sunday), I had the lovely privilege to speak in church. I was luckily considered a youth speaker though so I only had to talk for like 5 minutes. I kind of felt like I was rambling or talking in circles but everyone said it was good!!
I can't believe that I have been a missionary for a month!! Time has flown by and everyone keeps telling me it that it just goes by faster.

Sister Fish

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