Wednesday, October 30, 2013

First Baptism!

Well I am officially done training! And now that I am done training, my trainer has left me to become a Sister Training Leader in Sparks. So hooray. My new companion is Sister Grigley. She is a very good missionary and I can learn a lot from her. So it'll be a good transfer, I hope!

I am still in the Elko 3rd ward! I don't think that I will be here much longer after this transfer. It is funny how members start talking to their extended families about the missionaries. What can I say, we have awesome ward members, who have truly become like family while I am away from my own.

We have a baptism this week!!! Our sweet, little, 9 yr. old investigator, Ryan, has been praying about the Book of Mormon and about baptism. I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, it may not be in the way that we expect, or even want, but He does listen! So Ryan told us that Heavenly Father said yes the Book of Mormon is true and that he should be baptized on October 26th. I am speaking at the baptism so I'll let you know how everything goes next week! I am seriously so excited for Ryan! If only all of our investigators could be more like him.

Serving a mission, makes you super emotional, like all the time! I can't ever decide whether I want to laugh or cry. And sometimes I feel like just kicking something. I must be crazy! Speaking of crazy, I now have multiple personality disorder. We role play like everyday so I have to be other people. I just don't know who I am anymore! haha. I hope my hormones/emotions aren't like this when I am married and prego. My poor husband!

I have also become Sister Fellman!!! Seriously the other day we were in the middle of talking with someone, and I caught myself saying something that she would say! I really won't know who I am after these 18 months, cause I will just be a combo of all of my companions! I am like Frankenstein's monster! Just parts of people!! Gah! Well, Happy Halloween to me!

The other day, we were teaching a 75 year old less active named Deeda. We were discussing the plan of salvation and we got to talking about being able to live with our families forever and how the people who have gone before us are around and looking after us, and I just lost it. I started bawling. I could hardly speak, my emotions overwhelmed me so much. I just felt so much emotion and the spirit was just so strong. I think that is one of the best teaching experiences I have had on my mission so far.

Well the next few weeks will be a lot of finding. It seems like we have like zero investigators and after Ryan is baptized this weekend, we will literally have no progression investigators. I pray every night that the hearts of people will be softened and that we will be lead to them!

Seriously mission life is crazy busy and slow all at the same time!! I miss ya'll so much. Can't believe that life still goes on for you all without me! haha! Write ya later!

Sister Fish

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