Monday, February 17, 2014

Haole Girl!

So... How's it going?! This week was incredible. The Lord allowed Sister Purcell and I to accomplish miracles this week. He must love us or something! We heard from our zone leaders last night and (long pause) Sister Purcell and I are both staying in Elko! We are so excited that we get to be here for S's baptism in March and to continue working in this area! I cannot believe I have been here for 7 months now. Whew. Long time. Who knows if I will ever see any other part of the mission.
Elder Miller who has been here the whole time I have been here, went home this week. Sad face! Elder Brito (his comp) is getting transferred as well!! So we will be working with 2 new elders for at least the next 6 weeks!

We have another sister with us until Wednesday because her companion finished her mission and left on Sunday evening. Sister Harmer is awesome. She is so bold and her testimony is strong too. She is as sweet as cake! 

So S. is doing so well!! She went to the Thompson Family's baptism this week and loved it! She felt the spirit so strongly and was almost in tears. She cannot wait for her own baptism! She has been so prepared by the Lord and isn't letting anything get in the way of joining Christ's church. We love her so much!

During the week we were able to meet a part member family. We went back on Sunday to meet the whole family! Brother Brandow is Hawaiian and is actually from Sister Purcell's home town, Laie!! It was incredible because they were able to talk about so much! We talked a lot about families and how the gospel blesses them! Oh man was the Spirit thick! I love being able to feel the spirit so strongly! It was seriously incredible!! 

We met a guy named Patrick on the street. Boy was he ever a sassafras! Oh my goodness. It was hilarious! And he wanted to show us a tattoo on his arm, but you could tell he was deciding the best way to reveal it to us. He was going between just rolling up the sleeve and taking of his shirt. Thank goodness he just rolled up the sleeve! Sister Purcell and I were laughing so hard after. Who knows he could've been pretty ripped under all those layers! Too bad we'll never know!

Sister Purcell is incredible! Seriously I learn so much from her all the time! I love her to pieces. I have learned a ton about Hawaii from her. I am a haole! (That means I'm white). Surprisingly, we have met a lot of Polynesians and so I've learned a lot! It just goes to show that the Lord is mindful of His children and that we are in our town/city for a reason! 

I know I say this in almost every letter, but I truly am grateful for all the love, support, and prayers! I love you all and so does the Lord. He knows you and watches over you. Everything happens for a reason and we are on this Earth to experience the most happiness.

I love you all so stinking much and miss ya like crazy! Sorry it's kind of short this week! Today has been way crazy! 

             Sister Fish

We went outside Valentine's morning and found boxes of chocolate on our ca! Hooray for the single life. Happy I have a companion and love serving a mission day! 


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