Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Well I'm not leavin' on a jet plane, but I am leaving Elko. I can't decide if I should be excited for a change, or if I should cry because I'm going to miss everyone so stinkin' much!!! 9 months in one area is hard on the heart when you have to leave it. I'm headed over to Sparks! I will be serving in the Highland Ranch ward with Sister Shepperd who ironically was Sister Purcell's MTC companion. Sister Purcell when she found out who I would be serving with was so upset. She thinks sister Shepperd and I are going to talk stink about her! haha! I'll let ya know the address next Monday!
This week was rough. All of our investigators were out of town for spring break. Everyone in Elko leaves the first chance they get. No one stays here for holidays. We met with S. and her sister at Cool Beans. We talked about missionary work and service. S. is considering serving a mission now!! It's exciting. She has such a bright future ahead of her. I'm a miss that girl! Her sister wants to be baptized now too! S. is an awesome missionary!

Rodeo is still Rodeo. He is so funny. He wants to know everything before he makes any decisions, but we feel like he has already received an answer, but that there is something holding him back. Faith Rodeo faith. He brought up a great question the last time we were over. He asked so what is the difference between getting a tattoo and coloring your hair? We tried to explain that one is a little bit more permanent than the other, but that didn't fly for him. He brought up a great point because of course, our bodies are temples. So now I kind of feel like I'm being held to a higher standard.... Which is funny that he brought it up, because that monday before I wanted to color my hair auburn again. So who knows if I will color it or not. He says he is going to come up to the stake center to watch conference!! 

We helped T. paint baby brother's bedroom. She's going to have him April 28th. We've been calling him baby brother since she has decided on a name yet. I'm so sad! I've been here for her whole pregnancy, but I'm missing the good part of being able to see the cute little stinker!! She's doing great though! We invited her to watch conference! I hope she'll be able to! She needs all the support she can get. 
The General Women's Broadcast was awesome! Sister Purcell and I bawled the whole time! It's fine!! It was soooo good! 

      I love and miss you all! 
           Sister Fish

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