Monday, April 7, 2014

Week of Changes


Soooo, I am no longer in Elko. I seriously, almost thought that I was going to serve my whole mission there! Monday and Tuesday were full of good-byes! Then Wednesday was a lot of driving! It was great! I haven't been on the open road in forever!! 

So now, here I am in Sparks. The roads are so confusing. Seriously there are so many streets here. And the speed limits don't max out at 35 mph, what? Where have I come to? The houses are really nice and everyone is loaded, I swear. It's great though! Sister Sheppard is awesome and is helping me to get to know the people and the area!! 

And get this. I am no longer living with members! It is weird, so weird. We live in an apartment complex. 4 other sets of missionaries live in it too, and one of those sets actually lives with us. Sisters Bradley and Irwin live with us! Love it! Sister Bradley was in the same MTC zone as me! It's kind of weird though. It feels a little like college. But it's all good!! 

Conference was amazing! Both days, we watched it at member's homes. I felt like every talk was directed right to me! Obviously I need a lot of help! Loved it! Hearing from the Prophet and Apostles was incredible like always! 

There is not much else to say because I don't know very much yet! I'm sure by next week I will be writing a novel!

Love and miss you all!!
              Sister Fish

Oh and here is my new mailing address...
                         6717 Rolling Meadows Dr.  APT 1125
                            Sparks, NV 89436

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