Monday, April 14, 2014

Greetings from Sparks

Oh my goodness this week has been crazy crazy crazy! I feel like I know nothing. I don't know anyone or anything! This past week, I finally started to figure out our area! All the roads and everything. I'm glad that I am the designated driver or else I wouldn't know any of the streets at all!! I am so glad we actually had church this week as well, because I was finally able to meet some of the members!! 

I just have to comment on how crazy this place is! The library I am sitting in right now is basically a yurt. It is that shape anyways and of course, structurally sound. It's crazy. Every home in our area is in a gated community too! They are all super cookie cutter as well! Very cute at first, but after a while, I am starting to miss the variety of home architecture that is elsewhere. 

I still am not sure how I like it here. I am really trying to love it here, but now when I refer to home, I mean Elko! haha! It's good though. The ward is great and they are very supportive of the missionaries. Now we just need to get them doing their own missionary work. Like the prophets have said, it will be a great day when members not only pray for missionaries, but pray for their own missionary opportunities! (so hint hint, pray for your own missionary opportunities! :)

So the past couple of weeks have been spring break here, so I really haven't had a chance to meet any of our investigators yet. That's fun! The previous sisters here have been trying to get in contact with a family of recent converts, but they didn't have much luck. Sister Sheppard and I were able to meet with them this past week! They are going through a lot right now, but we were able to get the Elders over to bless their home and to give the mom a priesthood blessing. They were also at church which was fantastic! We are going to start the new member lessons with them soon too! 

Not much else to say! I am still adjusting! I love and miss you all buckets and buckets! Hope things are good!

              Sister Fish

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