Monday, October 20, 2014

Anything Can Happen...

Miracles are happening, miracles are happening!!! This week, the Lord blessed us with so much!!! He truly does love us. There are miracles that happen in our every day lives. Have you taken the time to notice them lately?

We have been able to meet so many new people in this area! It has been great! We were able to meet with an investigator this week who just had a baby and is in her early 20s. We brought a member with us and she was able to bear a powerful testimony of how the gospel blesses families. It was awesome!!

It was great to have Sister Hermansen come out with us yesterday evening! She has so much energy and such a love for the gospel. I love how she just has an instant love for people and wants to share what she loves with them! We were able to see an investigator while she was with us. She is part Native American and had some concerns about having to give up her culture to join the church. We were able to resolve her concerns and testify that the Book of Mormon is a part of her heritage and can bless her life!

Sacrament meeting was wonderful! The speakers were just incredible! They both spoke on the importance of love in missionary work. It just really reminded me how important it is that the people we meet and talk with feel the love of their Savior! That even goes for just being Christian. Everyone we interact with in our daily lives should see the Savior in our countenance since that is who we are trying to be like!
It was a really good week! Even though some of the days were hard, it was an overall successful week!
I love you! Sorry it's a short one! Have a good week! God Bless!
          Sister Fish

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