Monday, October 27, 2014

The only time to say it is now...

Okay everybody so kind of starting to freak out... 12 weeks! That's the only time I'm saying it and lets not remind me how unbelievably close the end is. Ok. Now that that is over, moving on.

I keep forgetting to write this but a few weeks ago, I got to skin a deer! Yep! That was a blast! Kind of smelly!  

This week was great! We weren't able to see as many investigators as we would've wanted, but we were able to visit with a lot of less actives. It's been good! I love Carlin. It's insane how you can love the strangest, smallest, towns! It's great!

In Crescent Valley, we met a less active member named Bob. He is great. He lost his wife about a year ago and has been less active for many many years. I love being able to invite those people back to the fold, because they know, but they are just choosing not to participate at the moment. I could just feel that one day, he will come back and that he really needs this gospel in his life at this time to help him heal and find the peace that he is searching for.

We heard the greatest prayer ever in sacrament meeting yesterday. Scotty is the sweetest guy. He is 31ish with down syndrome. He wants to get to the temple, but needs to be attending church more regularly and become more active. He gave the prayer and it was just so heart felt and really touched me. It reminded me of the importance of making sure we are really talking to God when we pray. It is a conversation and He wants to hear from us because He is our Father.

Yesterday was just really spiritually uplifting. In Relief Society, we were discussing the talking that Elder Holland gave on discipleship and this is what I got out of it. As followers of Christ, we are commissioned to share His gospel with all the world. Often we are too afraid to share it with the people that we love the most. Why? We are afraid that they will either be offended or never talk to us again. They are afraid of losing those people or pushing them away. (This is where the epiphany comes in) So as I was pondering this, I just had the thought that we may be afraid of losing them in this life, but if we don't share what we know, we will lose them in eternity. It just really hit me that we should be more afraid of not seeing them in God's Kingdom in the next life.

It's been fun in Carlin! Tuesday is the ward trunk or treat at the chapel and so I'll let you know how it is. To answer your question, for Halloween, we have to be in early. Pretty much after our dinner appointment if we have one! So yep that's Halloween for ya!

Well I hope ya'll have a great week! Work hard and pray hard!
                              Sister Messervy

I forgot to mention that I am staying in Carlin for another transfer with sister Rogers!! WOHOO!!!

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