Monday, October 13, 2014

Dust is in the air...and it's in my hair!

Soooo.... it was kind of nice when I was in Sparks and missed home because I was really just missing Elko. But now that I am back in Elko. I just miss real home! Haha! It's a vicious cycle ya know!!
Things are good in Carlin. Still loving it. The Elders left lots of potential sheets (lists of people who could potentially investigate the gospel). So we have pretty much just been going through those and contacting everyone!! I'm surprised we haven't met the whole town yet! haha.. I'll let ya know as soon as that happens
We have had lots of fun here. When we went to Crescent Valley this week I saw a house that looks exactly like the one from the cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog! It was the funniest! We didn't have as much success out there as we would've wanted this week, but it was still fun! We met a less active family and they are awesome! They have a desire to go to the temple and were at church on Sunday! Hooray!! Other than that we didn't really get to talk with anyone. So we ended up helping the Copen's clean up their triple wide that they are going to rent out soon!

I love the member's here! They are so unbelievably awesome! There is such a sense of family here. They really just take care of one another not because they have to, but because they want to.
I loved Conference last week! The talks were so inspiring and just lifted my soul! I felt like every talk was meant just for me! It is incredible how the Lord can do that! :)
Not much else to report on! Love ya'll! Have an awesome week! Remember that God loves you! 
                         And I love you too!
                             Sister Fish 

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